Run Nena, Run!

There is so much that can be said or written, when it comes to being in the real estate profession.  And, as I have said many times, to many people, “a real estate career is not meant for the faint at heart”.  Now, this statement could mean many things, but for my first blog, let’s focus on the word “faint”.

When studying for my real estate exam, I remember important words like, escrow account(don’t even think about purchasing yourself a new wardrobe out of this account, especially if you are not a fan of black and white stripes), and Caveat Emptor, “let the buyer beware”(I wonder what the term is for, “let the sales agent beware”?), and one of my favorites, “commission”(payment to the broker for his or her efforts on marketing and selling property, usually a percentage of the total sales price).  So, what exactly does marketing and selling mean?   Well, we could just look up the definition in google, or I could just enlighten you with a little story of my own.

When working, I am a suit, skirt, dress, kind of girl.  And I love shoes!! Preferably, high heeled shoes(however, my high heels have sinceturned into flats. It’s an age thing).  So, here I am showing this house to my brand new client, feeling like a true professional in my matching dress and shoes(high heels).  I am confident that today is the day!  Yes, I see a paycheck in my future!  After showing her this quaint little brick house, I can see it in her eyes…..there is an offer coming!  But then it happened….  As we exit the home, I bend down to place the key back into the lockbox(confident and happy), when the buyer says to me, “don’t look back, just run”!   And run she did!  So, I slowly turn around, and crawling up the back of my pretty high heels, was this long black snake!!  It was the middle of Summer in Florida, and this little guy was looking for a nice shady place, right underneath my skirt!

You know, it’s amazing what fear does to a person.  Either you just freeze, awaiting your fate, or your adrenaline sets in, and provides you with super human powers.   Well, I am happy to report, that my adrenaline works just fine! Somehow, not only did I catch up with my client, I passed her! Wearing high heels!!  I was out of breath, pulse racing, and wishing at that moment, I had on a pair of depends.  But when faced with a crisis, I am unbeatable!  And happy to say, I did not “faint”.

I made a really good friend that day, which is one of the best parts of being in Real Estate.  I have so many amazing stories to tell, and I can’t wait to share them with everyone, along with up to date real estate news.

So, until next time,

“Buy Land.  They’re not making it anymore.”  Mark Twain